“Stained Glass” Painting
"Stained Glass" Painting
This is a fun way to get some of the effect of real stained glass art but it is much simpler and less expensive than the real thing. In this class, after making an 8X10" design to work from as a pattern to follow, a sheet of glass was placed over the drawing and adhesive backed lead strips were placed on the lines and pressed down. The separate areas of the design were "flooded" with very fluid Vitrail glass paint which hardens within 24 hours. Depending on the complexity of the design, lots of fun things can happen within that paint while it is still wet. I made 3 large three foot by four foot windows for my church, Chapel by the Sea, which you are welcome to stop by to see anytime. They are lit artificially from behind but in these photos you can see how natural light is wonderful behind this art medium too.