Art News


Paintings are currently on exhibit for the month of February of two former students of mine, Zane Burgess and Karen Padgett!  I am so proud of them and I know that you will enjoy seeing their work also!

Karen Padgett’s acrylic paintings are on display at Snow City downtown this month and at Jen’s in midtown.  Her theme at Snow City is  “Lessons From 100 Chickens” and at Jen’s “Fruit, Flowers & Fowl”.  I am so amazed with what Karen has done since she began taking classes with her sons 5 years ago!  She took every medium I offered, some many times over, and started producing more artwork than I think I’ve ever seen anyone do!  You will love her creative use of color, texture and the whimsical feeling she adds to her paintings. Check out her website at !
Zane Burgess has been painting and drawing since he was very young and is now working professionally here in Anchorage since he graduated from college a few years ago. I knew there was something special about Zane when he began painting in my acrylics classes as a young child.  I am so happy that he chose this path! You will enjoy seeing some of his paintings on exhibit this month at Stephan Fine Arts gallery in the Captain Cook Hotel downtown. You can also see his work on his Facebook page and on his website,
It is such a privilege to know that I had even a very small part in encouraging these talented artists to do what they love to do!  I hope you will be able to see these shows and keep an eye out for their future shows around town!