Block Printing

Block Printing, or Printmaking, is an ancient process where a surface, which traditionally was of wood, is carved out, ink is then rolled onto it with a brayer, and when paper is placed on top of that cut surface, the impression left on the paper from it is your artwork. I was not keen on teaching this to children because of the danger of using sharp tools on wood or linoleum. However, several years ago a soft rubber product became available and I decided to teach this wonderful medium to my students. The results have been truly amazing over the years as students as young as 8 have been able to create 2 and even 3 color prints! This means that two blocks are carved and must be aligned to print one color on top of the other.

My husband and I came up with a fool- proof registration system so that anyone can make beautiful multi-color prints. I have had older students cut as many as 5 blocks, line them up perfectly and print them! The wonderful thing about block printing is that every print is a signed original piece of art and makes a lovely gift for any occasion.

This class is offered every other year and is open to students ages 8 and up.

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